Garrison Keillor Excerpt From Forward

I can never be a boy again standing barefoot in a garden on a sunny day and hold a ripe tomato in my hand... but this lovely book gives me hope that something beautiful that I thought had passed away has actually come full circle and that other people in Minnesota share this same longing for fresh food.”

Garrison Keillor
Excerpt From Forward
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Stop by the Living Green Expo May 2-3! We will have local food cooking demonstrations and will be selling the book. Also have the opportunity to meet local chefs and hear their stories in person. [ more ]

media , May 24 2008
"Seven local restaurants’ links to nearby farms are highlighted in the new Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook, produced by the organization Renewing the Countryside and published by Voyageur Press."
Star Tribune, Podcast Interview, April 30 2008
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